Work in Progress

  • "Revisiting the Intergenerational Effect of the Earned Income Tax Credit on the Long-Term Earnings of Children."

  • "Love and Transfers: The Earned Income Tax Credit and Family Dynamics."

Working Papers

  • "Do Slum Upgrading Programs Impact School Attendance?," with Wladimir Zanoni and Paloma Acevedo [R&R].
    Abstract: This paper analyzes how slum upgrading programs impact elementary school children's attendance in Uruguay. We take advantage of the eligibility rule that deems slums eligible for a SUP program if they have 40 or more dwelling units. Using a fuzzy regression discontinuity estimator, we find that students exposed to SUPs are 17 percent less likely to be at the 90th percentile of the yearly count of school absences. That effect appears to be driven by how SUPs impact girls. These interventions have effects that last for more than five years after their implementation. We discuss some critical urban and education policy implications of our findings.

Peer Reviewed

  • "Desafíos petroleros para América Latina y África ante la expansión asiática / Oil challenges for Latin America and Africa given the Asian expansion," with Igor Hernández in Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internacionals (2016).
    Abstract: Lower United States dependency on crude imports has caused shipments from Latin America and Africa to fall. Asia has also made efforts to diversify the sources of its supply to meet its energy demands and thereby reduce exposure to the Middle East. These developments have implications for the projects aiming to increase Latin American and African participation in the Asian market. In this context, this article examines the significance of the expansion of Asian funding linked to the energy sector, identifies opportunities for complementarity between regions, and explores examples linked to the development of oil projects in Venezuela and the use of African crudes as input, as well as the interest of Latin American companies in developing projects in Africa.

Non-Peer Reviewed

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