On the board

Go and Chess are huge passions of mine. The picture shows my first chess game with the Knoxville Chess Collective. My experience with chess is not competitive but, when it comes to Go, I have been playing for 15 years, participated in national and international tournaments, and served in the Directive Board of the Iberoamerican Go Federation (2018-2021), and the Venezuelan Go Association (2020-). In Venezuela we pioneered the "Gakko no Go" project, introducing the game to children living in slums.

Mens sana in corpore sano

The photo showcases a doctor-in-the-making, terribly afraid of heights, rock climbing somewhere in Wyoming two Summers ago. Football and tennis are among my favorite sports. And by football I mean sans hands.

Workouts are an important part of my routine. One that is hard to keep up with while writing a Dissertation and on the job market.

Nulla dies sine linea

My motto is "no day without a line." I love books. My dream retirement, if any, is having my very own bookstore.

I am excited to announce that I finished reading Acemoglu's Narrow Corridor after 10 months. That took forever. What a monumental intro to world history and political economy. I also read Reeves' Of Boys and Men: daring, well-written, compelling, and thoroughly recommended.

My 2024 reading goals include Autor's The Work of the Future, Blinder's recent Monetary and Fiscal History of the United States, and a set of fantasy novels by Korean writer TurtleMe. Yes, I am reading a macro book. Stay curious!


Another pretty awesome year learning about state heterogeneities and state-level fixed effects. Meaning... we drove once again from the East Coast to the West, visiting the absolutely gorgeous city of Durango CO, near the New Mexico border, and taking a train to the San Juan Mountains. The train had 6 wagons and a blues band each. I also got some skis and am learning a bit about how painful snow can be.