I  am a Ph.D. student and Graduate Research Assistant at the Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research (BCBER) and the Department of Economics at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, I am an applied microeconomist with a focus on labor economics, public economics, and the political economy of development. 

My research measures the impact of public policies and regulations on poverty alleviation. Currently, I analyze the effects of conditional cash transfers on intergenerational mobility and family behavior. In addition, my role in the BCBER encompasses consulting to state and non-for-profits in TN to evaluate the effectiveness of Higher Ed efforts.

My resume includes over eight years of teaching practice as an instructor/lecturer, and private consulting to political parties, parliamentarians, local government, Embassies, and multilateral organizations. I am a huge enthusiast on informing policies with empirical evidence and innovative data, and have worked on quasi experimental designs, economic forecasts, data mining and automation tools.

Reach out at guerrero@utk.edu! See my Recent CV and my Google Scholar for more

Research Fields

Public Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Development.

Work in Progress

Working Paper